How to Flush a Water Heater

How to Flush a Water Heater

hey everybody this is Adam with a quick tutorial on how to flush a water heater and before you start you need to know where your water shut off valve is mine is right there see that yellow lever if I turn it 90 degrees it’ll shut the water off in case something bad happens while I’m doing this that the thing falls apart and I’m getting a flood so you want to know where to shut it off and also here is my valve to shut the gas off now the manual says that you should shut the gas and the water off to flush it and that’s for more complete flush but on an older tank I don’t really want to do that because if I drain all the water out the tank is going to be hot when I put new water and

It’s going to be really cold and that temperature change can cause the metal to contract quickly which could lower the life of this if there’s a weak metal in there it could crack it and I would

have a flood so I’m not going to do that with this one you can do whatever you want if you want to shut your water off and totally drain it go for it but just so you know you can flush it and leave the water on so that’s what I’m going to do now before you start draining you’re going to need somewhere to put the water and I’m going to dump it down this drain here first I’m going to remove this cover because I don’t want anything obstructing it I can shove the hose right down there and get it all out of here so the first thing I’m going to do is turn this down to vacation mode next I’m going to hook up a garden hose you should have a spigot coming out of the side of the bottom of your water heater and put it on pretty tight you should have a rubber o-ring in there a little gasket now there is the idea of if it isn’t  broke don’t fix it on old water heaters it might be worse to mess around with it it will they could flushing it could cause it to fail earlier but on the same side if it’s that close to failing wouldn’t you on it to fail when it’s right there in

front of you rather than when you’re gone out of your house or on vacation you come back and there’s a big flood so anyway you decide what you want to do okay on your spigot you’re going to have a little slot most likely and you can use a flathead screwdriver to open it up it’s just like a garden faucet they’ll turn it counterclockwise and I have a gallon jug here I’m going to fill it up so you can see what it looks like the water coming out now if you have a lot of sediment buildup you know turn it off again if you have a lot of sediment buildup you need to run this for a long

time now this looks pretty clean I think I flushed this tank once so you’re supposed to do it maybe once a year look how clean that is let’s keep going let’s see what we can get out of here you know some people don’t have a drain on the floor and you might want to put your water going outside don’t put it on your plants hot water is bad for plants another tip because this water is going to be scalding hot so if you’re making mistake you don’t want to get burned now this is perfectly clear looking water I see just a Connie a few tiny flecks of stuff so I’m not getting much so I’m just going to dump this straight down the drain let’s see what we get all right well I’m getting nothing out of this so I’m thinking this is good and I’m surprised I thought I’d get a lot more sediment so this must be a pretty good water heater one and something’s some things going well in this thing usually I mean it’s been probably seven years since this thing is flushed anther is no rust anything coming out of here that’s a very good sign normally when the water comes out it’s all you know rusty colored and you know Michael clear for a little bit and I’m just going to go rusty looking again so oh by the way if this thing drips just put a rather than worry about it I just put a cup or something down below to catch it usually in a day it’ll stop dripping a day or two maybe a week so rather than try to worry about fixing it and if this is leaking a lot you know when you’re unscrewing it you got water coming out of here just tighten this on top and that should stop it from leaking out but a few drips down here is normal and then it’ll stop leaking after a little bit so I wouldn’t worry about it um anyway yeah again I’m surprised this didn’t have a lot more garbage floating around rust and deposits so it’s a Rheem brand so maybe they make a great water heater anyway I hope that’s helped if so please click


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